Excuses, Excuses

This has not been a productive week for me in terms of knitting at all. I’m still chugging away at the first sleeve of Arya’s Needlework. I would have been much further along were it not for two things.

I sliced my finger open while cutting veggies for dinner a few days ago. It wasn’t particularly serious but wearing the bandage is impeding my knitting ability. I also can’t type properly so writing has also been a challenge.

And secondly, I made a stupid counting error when I was about halfway finished with the sleeve. Somehow it looked far too big to me. Since I am testing out a new pattern, I decided to go with my gut and rip back down to the cuff. It turned out that I was absolutely right the first time. So I reknit. Very frustrating.

I feel like I’ve compensated for my lack of knitting this week by releasing a pattern but I still have so much to do! (If you’re interested in the pattern you can find it here : Sansa’s Summer.

The knitting details:

Pattern: Arya’s Needlework by yours truly – soon to be released so watch this space.

Yarn: Opal Handgefarbt (75% Superwash Wool/25% Polyamid; 420m/100g) in the Rosenbeet colourway

Needles: 3mm KnitPros

I am reading The Sea by John Banville and I am very much enjoying it. I picked this up in a rush while I was at the English Library book sale last Friday and because I was buying in such a large quantity (the sale comes but twice a year) I didn’t really look too hard at it. It got great reviews and a couple of people have likened Banville to Nabokov and I have to say that I agree. He paints such a vivid picture of his main character’s existence but he uses sparse prose. I feel like every sentence in this book is a labour of love. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the book. I’d definitely recommend this book.