The Best Deal Going

The Best Deal Going

This weekend the Mister and I took off on a search for stuff for his hobby (he’s into listening to music on vinyl). Unfortunately no amplifiers came home with us but I am fairly certain that we found the best deal going on in Geneva.

[For those that are new to my blog, the closest city to where I live is Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland in general, and Geneva in particular is a ridiculously expensive place to live. The real estate prices are off the chartsĀ  - a 1 bedroom apartment in Geneva center can easily cost over 700 000 CHF (The Swiss Franc is just about at par with both the Canadian and US Dollars). Food is also expensive due to rules about local production and health insurance is privatized so also very expensive. There are a lot of expatriates earning large salaries who can afford to pay these prices but there are also regular people who have quite a tough time of it. "Suburban" Geneva is mostly in France so there are a lot of people living in France and commuting to Switzerland every day and frequently people who live in Switzerland will come to France to shop.]

Anyways, we found just about the only cheap place in Geneva. Emmaus is a community run thrift shop which has a branch in Geneva. Things are reasonably priced and because this is a wealthy city with a lot of people who move frequently, there is good stuff going. I was really excited about this because I thrift shopping isn’t really so much of a thing here as it is in North America. Flea markets, yes. Thrift stores, not so much.

We missed some gorgeous speakers by just a few minutes but we did have time to check out the furniture, books, records and clothes. Really we aren’t in need of anything and I am doing my best to control the level of stuff that comes into our apartment. [I am very supportive of the new vinyl hobby though even if it involves more stuff because a) it is inexpensive because everything is coming from thrift and flea markets (for now) and b) it makes me and my yarn look less crazy]

Still a few things came home with me:

A few books. Two French classics I am ashamed to say I haven’t read yet and a James Clavell book in English.





And in the little baggie, some buttons that I fished out of the two large drawers of unsorted buttons. I could have spent hours with the buttons but I restrained myself.




We will be going back, I am sure.